Howard Miller Introduces SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desks

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Howard Miller, a US manufacturer of home and office furnishings (and clocks) for over 90 years, has introduced SmartMoves ( – custom adjustable height desks which they claim offers “more CHOICE, VALUE, and IMMEDIACY in this popular desk category.”

What it also offers is the same old same old. There is really nothing different about this adjustable desk compared to the sea of adjustable desks available everywhere. And, if you were expecting a great deal because it’s a DTC (Direct To Consumer) offering, you’d also be wrong. Compared to similar (if not exactly the same) desks from HON, IKEA and dozens of other sources, the SmartMoves desk offers little to the “value customer” other than yet another place to purchase this now generic worksurface.

Though they brag of ergonomic designs and domestic manufacturing processes, the real selling point the company is emphasizing is that it offers “a better constructed, more affordable, and faster delivered adjustable height desk for these discerning, value-driven consumers.”

Of course for decades studies have shown that too much sitting at work can have a negative impact on one’s overall health. Fortunately, a simple solution exists… just stand up. Standing for even part of the work day at any adjustable height desk counteracts many of the harmful effects associated with sitting all day at a stationary desk.


SmartMoves is US Made in Michigan for a better constructed desk versus similar priced, lower quality, imported desks, the company claims. But is the adjustable mechanism actually made in Michigan? Probably not. Most likely the desk is made from imported parts and assembled in Michigan. Similar desks are available with 4.5 star reviews on Amazon Prime for $248.87 (vs. $529) including 2 day shipping.

Perhaps the best feature, and best reason to purchase the SmartMoves adjustable height desk is that it comes with a Risk-Free 30-day Trial, a 5 year Warranty, and is backed by Howard Miller, an established US manufacturer with 90+ years of home and office furniture making expertise.