ROOM Releases New Edition of Flagship Office Phone Booth


ROOM, a startup setting out to redefine the modern workplace with modular space solutions, announced the launch of the next edition of its flagship office phone booth. ROOM has experienced tremendous growth and expansion since launching less than a year ago in May 2018, reaching $20M sales run rate in less than a year, while experiencing 20%+ month-over-month growth since starting.

ROOM's founders, serial tech entrepreneurs Brian Chen and Morten Meisner-Jensen, identified a pervasive and often ignored problem of the open office – rampant noise and a lack of privacy. ROOM launched its flagship product in May 2018, and the company has since evolved the business into a successful startup that's solving problems for office workers across the country. By cutting out the middle man and selling directly to businesses, ROOM is able to provide a solution that's thousands of dollars cheaper than competitors, bringing transparency and convenience to an industry plagued with hidden fees. The company's unique adaptation of this emerging direct-to-consumer model has resonated strongly, and the combination of the model and product offering enables a high-quality, cost-effective solution that helps companies of all sizes solve the issues of noise and privacy in the workplace at scale.

Armed with feedback from its 1,000+ unique customers, which range from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies including Nike, JPMorgan Chase, Salesforce, and Google, ROOM created the next iteration of its iconic phone booth to make it the undisputed, go-to solution for the emergent category of modular privacy spaces.

Among the product's new features is a motion sensor that automatically turns on and off the LED light and ventilation fans when someone enters or exits the booth, enabling a more sustainable use of energy. The addition builds on ROOM's foundation of environmental sensibility, as each booth uses soundproofing materials made out of 1,088 recycled plastic bottles. To date, ROOM has repurposed more than three million bottles and counting.

Additional modifications and enhancements include:

  • 48% more work space with a wider interior desk (32”) to provide additional work space

  • Industrial carpet able to withstand greater levels of wear and tear

  • Removable floor air vents reinforced with a stronger metal, enabling an easier cleaning experience

  • Desk-height power outlets to enable easier access for charging devices

  • Ethernet port compatible with phone cords as an optional add-on

  • Available in black and white exterior colorways, each paired with oak wood, so the phone booth can fit into different office styles

“It has been humbling and rewarding to see our product in the offices of so many great companies. The growth that we've experienced to date clearly validates that we were able to find product-market fit fairly early in our company history, but we continue to obsess over our product and the entire user experience for our customers,” said Brian Chen, CEO and Co-Founder, ROOM. “We spend endless hours talking to our customers, watching and learning how people interact with our product across different environments, and this latest iteration is the embodiment of that customer feedback and our ongoing passion for improving workplace experience.”

The release of the new phone booth edition is the start of ROOM's product expansion, with future plans for additional releases and coordinating accessories. Booths are also available with an optional add-on ethernet port.