Espace by Audience Systems


Audience Systems, a company with over 45 years of experience designing and engineering seating solutions for large audiences of spectators and/or students, has introduced Espace: a classic, versatile chair suitable for use on fixed tiering, retractable platforms, or on the removable “Matrix” system. Espace’s unique tipping action creates wide, safe seatways when chairs are occupied. Additionally, protective panels, available in timber or plastic, are available for the rear or under the seat, providing excellent wear resistance. 

Fully customizable, the seat offers the following features:

  • Self tipping design with auto-tip armrest

  • Optional sprung seat core for comfort and support

  • Compact dimensions when retracted

  • Optional ADA wheelchair accessibility

  • Available for use on Audience Systems’ exceptionally durable and beautifully finished platforms

Specifiers can choose from a number of variations, including the Espace Highback, the Espace CC “Comfort Concert” model with a thick sprung seat for long term seated comfort, or the Espace T that has a foldaway writing tablet.