Legrand Expands Furniture Power Offerings for Commercial Interiors

Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and network infrastucture solutions, expands its offering of stylish, functional Furniture Power Centers with the introduction of the three new solutions incorporating the latest USB-C technology. The expansion addresses the growing demand for convenient access to charging and power in commercial spaces. The new products include:

Radiant Furniture Power Center with USB-C
As consumers gradually transition from devices requiring USB-A outlets to options requiring new, smaller USB-C outlets, Legrand has expanded the radiant® Furniture Power Center collection to include units featuring both options. There are two configurations that include both USB-A and USB-C ports, with two standard power outlets. Finishes include white, black and nickel; cord length can be six feet or ten feet. Like all furniture power centers in the radiant® line, these new units are easy to install directly into furniture for maximum convenience and eliminate the need for complicated, expensive electrical work. All versions are spill water rated for use on tabletops. 

Round Furniture Power Center
The new Legrand Round Furniture Power Center offers power in a small, circular unit that is easily installed flush with any furniture piece to blend into any existing design scheme. Perfect for tables, workstations and upholstered furniture in any commercial setting, these easy-to-install units bring users the convenience of outlets and USB charging ports in a subtle, stylish way. This new offering is available in two options: one with a power outlet and USB-A and USB-C ports; and one with only USB-A and USB-C ports. 

Desktop Power Center Slim with USB-C
The new Desktop Power Center Slim with USB-C from Legrand offers all of the convenience and charging power of the original desktop power center, but with newfound charging capabilities to accommodate the latest devices via USB-C ports. The units mount directly to surfaces and keep unsightly cord clutter from overwhelming the space. Available in black and white/gray, the new Desktop Power Center Slim with USB-C is equipped with power outlets, one USB-A port, and one USB-C port. 

For more information on Legrand’s power and charging solutions for commercial interiors, visit Legrand.us.