Ostrichpillow, the bizarre viral napping pod, now comes in a less dorky design


If you have ever found yourself in the middle of a coffee shop, annoyed by inane conversations, keyboard hardbangers, and noisy eaters, then perhaps the Ostrichpillow Hood is for you.

Or perhaps you are in your apartment trying to relax while your partner is practicing for an audition or your kids are running around screaming like banshees and you think it is way too early to start drinking J&B straight from the bottle. Then perhaps you should back Ostrichpillow Hood in Kickstarter (although it’s never too early to drink J&B straight from the bottle #Protip).

According to its designers, it is a personal shelter made of fabric—a “cocoon that allows you to create your own space for well-being, improving focus and concentration, providing temporary disconnection, or enabling casual freestyle.”

Or maybe this winter you will like to go out without wearing a hat or a scarf. That’s okay too, because the Ostrichpillow Hood can fit that function as well (J&B too, just saying).

Those are the three functions that its inventors have envisioned for their self-proclaimed “shape-shifting” garment piece: focus mode, isolation mode, and fashion accessory mode.