This smart coffee mug can track your caffeine intake


The Ember electronic mug–which can automagically maintain your favorite poison at exactly your favorite temperature for as long as there’s liquid inside–has a new superpower: Thanks to an app update, the mug now integrates with Apple Health to keep track of how much caffeine you drink.

The company claims that this will work with Apple Health’s sleep- and heart rate-tracking apps to detect any correlation between the intake of coffee and those health vectors. So, in theory, if you are downing six cups a day, that may explain why your night sleeping patterns are crap or your heart is beating faster than normal. (Though keep in mind: Many health apps that don’t rely on direct vitals–like pulse, sugar levels, or temperature–have less-than-stellar track records.) So can Ember really tell you how much caffeine you are taking in without analyzing the precise caffeine percentage in your coffee, which varies according to factors like its origin, toasting, and brewing method?