WiredScore's William Newton makes sure your office is online


Like all people with real influence in their industry, William Newton is unfailingly polite, gracious and engaging. No looking over your shoulder to see if there’s someone more interesting in the room, no diva moments – just an unspoken sense of authority and an ample dose of charisma. Maybe it’s because he’s just come back from an action-packed holiday in South America, but he is one of the most relaxed and patient photoshoot subjects we’ve had on our cover.

Newton is EMEA director at WiredScore, an organization that benchmarks a building’s digital connectivity in commercial office buildings. Its Twitter bio boasts that over 350m sq ft of office space in 80+ cities are Wired Certified for best in class connectivity. Where LEED led on the environment and the wellness certification has a growing groundswell, so WiredScore’s rise in terms of recognition by developers, architects, owners, asset managers and leasing brokers has been little short of meteoric since its launch in New York in 2013.